5 Ways to Make Your Products More Sustainable


How to Increase Product Sustainability

Making sure your products are highly marketable to your customers is one of the important ways you look to continue business growth.

If people are turned off by your packaging – whether that be because it’s oddly designed or too complicated – they’re less likely to pick it up off the shelves and make a purchase.

As many consumers have become more environmentally conscious, worrying about the impact the products they buy are going to have on the planet, the demand for more sustainable products and packaging has increased.

Here are 5 ways you can make your products and packaging more sustainable without having to completely redesign your entire line:

Source Locally

Buying local isn’t just for produce and other food products. Choosing to source your raw materials, packaging, and other product needs as close to your location as possible has many benefits.

Not only will the decrease in shipping costs help your bottom line, transporting goods a shorter distance reduces fuel emissions. The fewer fuel emissions heading into the air, the better overall air quality and the less of an impact your business has on the environment.

Use Recycled Materials

From paper to cardboard to plastic, there are a lot of individual product ingredients and packaging items that can be found in recyclable versions.

Yes, you may spend a little more up front for recycled plastic packaging, but you’re decreasing the amount of plastic that’s sitting in landfills without decomposing.

Whenever possible, look for recycled, reclaimed, or post-industrial versions of the materials you need for your product creation and packaging. The more post-consumer items you use in your business, the lower your carbon footprint.

Choose Fillers

Shipping your products so they arrive in good condition can be challenging. You have to make sure the items fit into the boxes with enough room for some padding, but not so much that you’re wasting a whole lot of space.

And then you’ve got to decide what to use to fill in the extra space so items don’t slide around.

Rather than styrofoam packing peanuts or plastic bags full of air, look for recyclable and sustainable filler options. Whether you choose recycled paper shreds or packing peanuts made from non-toxic substances such as corn starch, there are a wealth of options that can reduce waste from your business.

An added bonus to using recyclable and sustainable packaging material is the eco-friendly options often look more aesthetically pleasing than their less sustainable counterparts, making your products easier to sell.

Minimize Packaging

Does every product you sell need shrink wrap, a bag, or a box? Chances are the answer is “No.”

The fastest and least expensive way to make your packaging more sustainable is to sit and evaluate what packaging you can kick to the curb.

Even removing one piece of packaging from one product line can save you thousands per year!

Redesign Products

If you’re really committed to finding new ways to make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly, consider redesigning some products to see how much you can save in materials costs.

That packaged gift basket you sell could be redesigned with a smaller basket, or a recycled cardboard box instead of a plastic basket, saving resources and money. Even removing extra stickers or decorative parts or changing out the materials to recycled products can realize big savings.

While redesigning products is the most time-consuming and expensive option, it’s one that’s sure to make a big impact on your finances and the environment.

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