East Coast Subscription-Based Fulfillment

It has become increasingly popular for consumers to sign up for subscription-based fulfillment services to receive clothing, cosmetics, and other items on a regular schedule without needing to reorder each month. It takes the right product fulfillment company to be sure the right items are delivered to the customers at the appropriate time.

The Benefits of Subscription-Based Fulfillment

Companies that provide product fulfillment services through subscription are aware of consumers’ desire to have a shopping experience customized to their tastes. There is a wealth of benefits not only for the consumer but also for the business running such operations.

Convenience for Both Parties

First of all, business can benefit from the convenience of their subscription services. Since customers are receiving regular deliveries to their e-mail, mailbox, or doorstep, fulfillment companies can have a steady flow of income. Providing a variety of items in one box is often an exciting experience for customers as they have to put in little to no effort to receive the deliveries.

Predictable Revenue

Customers are always looking for opportunities that provide the best bang for their buck. Businesses that focus on subscription offer flat rates, which prevent them from exceeding their budget. The incentive for consumers to continue with the service month to month is as simple as the idea that they can receive multiple products in one shipment at a set cost. Thanks to a flat rate, fulfillment companies can predict their revenue if the number of subscribers stays the same. With the right marketing strategies, you can increase the number of customers and see your revenue increase accordingly.

Customer Loyalty

All companies need strong relationships with their customers to be successful. Subscription companies can use client information to fit their pre-described preferences and keep providing incentives for them to stick with the service. These practices, in addition to ensuring products are carefully delivered on time at an affordable price, help improve the satisfaction of subscribers and bring long-term loyalty.

Manageable Stock

If not managed properly, stock control can quickly damage a business. Thanks to the routine system behind subscription-based fulfillment, companies can predict the volume of orders that need to be received and shipped within a given period. This allows businesses to plan their stock and inventory with greater control.

Subscription-Based Fulfillment on the East Coast, USA 

For subscription-based fulfillment on the East Coast, Cannon Hill Logistics has you covered. We specialize in outsourced wholesale and retail product distribution, fulfillment, and logistic services. For 30 years, we have dedicated our time to giving the tools and personalized services that any new or existing company needs to streamline distribution and boost market share. Our fulfillment center is 45 miles from the Port of Baltimore and 40 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, so inbound freight moves to us quickly and inexpensively. We can ship to half of the USA population within two business days using ground transportation. Feel free to contact us at 1-(800) 822-4747 for more information.

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