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Commercial Warehousing and Logistic Management in Maryland

Keeping a steady level of inventory is vital to your business’s success. If you have too little product, you can’t serve your customers; if you have too much, you’re just wasting money. How do you know how much product is optimal to keep up with demand?

Our advanced warehouse management system (WMS) can help you maintain the right level of inventory for your business – enough stock to fill orders, but not so much that you’re overstocking and raising your inventory carrying cost.

What is a warehouse management system (WMS)?

A WMS is software application that keeps tabs on how much inventory you have on-hand at any given time. It not only helps manage inventory levels, but also assists with picking and shipping your products. Using a WMS can make your inventory management more efficient and reduce the likelihood of errors in shipping, which cost your business money.

What can Cannon Hill Logistics do for your business?

Our state-of-the-art WMS displays detailed activity detailed activity for each individual product. It can track receipts, costs, sales, usage, and profit margins, along with many other things. Through detailed reports and analysis, Cannon Hill can help you achieve the correct stock levels to effectively grow your business.

Our Inventory/Warehouse Services include:

Supply Chain Management

To manage your supply of goods effectively, you have to attend to many things – The cost of goods, delivery time, shipping costs, and the cost of carrying stock in the warehouse. Our experienced staff can help you balance all these factors to achieve the ideal stock levels for your goods.

Let Us Make the Investment for You

Purchasing a reliable warehouse management system that meets all your needs can run you upwards of $100,000 just for the software. Adding on training, support, and upgrades only adds to the cost. At Cannon Hill Logistics, we’ve already made the investment in a reliable WMS so you don’t have to. When you join with us, you get the reliability and functionality of a powerful WMS at a fraction of the cost.  Leverage our commercial warehousing & logistics management for your business in Frederick, MD and throughout the East Coast.

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