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Your business’s inventory is one of its most valuable assets.

Making sure you always have enough – but not too much – inventory on hand is necessary to ensure that your business can meet customers’ needs without wasting money. Having too little inventory means you could risk disappointing customers if demand suddenly increases, costing you business, or could cause expensive work stoppages if replacements are held up. And having too much means you risk spoilage, theft, damage, or increased costs for storage.

Keeping that delicate balance of just enough inventory means collecting and analyzing sales and supply data, and staying on top of ordering and restocking.

With Cannon Hill Logistics, inventory management is easy! We discuss your unique business needs up front, making sure we gather the right data for your business. Then, we keep track of how much supply you have on hand, and order more as necessary. Your shelves stay well-stocked without you ever having to worry about a thing!

We utilize software designed for inventory management to monitor stock levels. This software, if purchased separately, is cost-prohibitive to many small and medium businesses. Because we can spread the cost among all our clients, though, you get the data collection and analyzing power at a fraction of the cost.

Use our inventory management services as part of a larger warehousing and logistics package, or alone to help support your business’s essential functions. Our team prides itself on designing solutions for every business, no matter its size, so you pay for only the services you need.

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About Cannon Hill Logistics

Since 1984, Cannon Hill Logistics has provided exceptional warehousing and logistics services from the East Coast. Our convenient location near the Port of Baltimore and Baltimore-Washington International Airport means we get easy access to incoming goods, as well as giving us the ability to reach more than half the population of the United States within three days using cost-effective ground shipping.

We design custom logistics solutions to help your business grow and thrive. Partner with us!