Returns Processing

Efficient Returns Processing on the East Coast

You do your best to avoid them, but customer returns are a natural part of selling products.

Whether things were the wrong size, the wrong color, or the customer just didn’t like the product once they had it in-hand, making the returns process as quick and painless as possible is essential to keeping your customers happy.

No one wants to have to jump through tons of hoops to return a product. Simplifying your returns process turns what is otherwise an unhappy or moderately annoying process into a positive interaction, potentially keeping a customer who may be frustrated.

Professional Returns Processing from Cannon Hill Logistics

The returns management process takes up time.

You have to make sure the goods are returned in decent condition, re-shelve them for a later sale, and credit the customer’s account as necessary. Then, if the customer requests replacements or substitutions, you must essentially create a new order to ship the merchandise required.

Why eat up your time, or the time of your hard-working staff, making sure all these steps go off without a hitch?

At Cannon Hill Logistics, we have years of experience with returns processing for retail businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our professional staff knows all the ins and outs of proper returns handling, keeping your customers happier.

We make sure each of our employees is highly trained for their job, and your business benefits from this commitment. Need someone with exceptional customer service skills to talk to frustrated customers? We’ve got that. Want to make sure each product is carefully packaged and sent to the correct address in an exchange? We can help you with that, too.

Our conveniently located facility on the East Coast – close to the Port of Baltimore and Baltimore-Washington International Airport – means products get to and from our facility quickly with economical ground shipping. That puts money or new products back in the hands of your customers faster and greatly improves the chance of customer retention.

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