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We at Cannon Hill Logistics Services understand the importance of privacy for our web site visitors. To ensure your security, we do not install spyware on your computer. Nor do we use spyware to retrieve information from your personal computer. Your personal information is not stored on any of our cookies, and any information you voluntarily provide us will be solely for contact or shipping purposes. In addition, our e-mail address, contact number, and other similar personal data will never be rented or sold to a third party.


This web site is accessible to you by Cannon Hill Logistics. However, we cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy of any information or claims made on our web site. We cannot guarantee that all content is complete, correct, or appropriate. Cannon Hill Logistics is not responsible and is not liable for any damages, loss, or misuse of the information on this web site, resulting from the use of information contained on this site. The Cannon Hill Logistics website content should not be taken as individual advice.

All content on this web site is copyrighted. It should not be reproduced, hyperlinked, sold, or used for any illegal activity in any way. Furthermore, we may deny you access to our web site for any reason, and Cannon Hill Logistics reserves the right to update our privacy policy any time we need without notice. Please review the terms of our privacy policy on a regular basis in order to be abreast of any changes.

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