Product Storage and Shipping in Maryland

Working with a professional and experienced order fulfillment service can take a lot of work off your plate. Warehouse management is a tough job, and outsourcing your third-party logistics to a professional team will free you to focus on other important parts of your business, such as sales and marketing. Even better, product distribution services that have the means to store products can be a huge benefit to your company, especially if you often need access to a wide assortment or large quantity of your products. Cannon Hill Logistics is one of those companies. We provide our clients with a number of benefits, so they can get back to what is of highest importance: growing their business.

The Benefits of a Product Storage Facility

There are many benefits to hiring a product storage and shipping company. These product fulfillment services are able to hold a wide assortment of items from your inventory in large quantities. Additionally, these facilities can organize your inventory so that products can be easily found to fill customer orders. Their order fulfillment and pick-and-pack services run smoothly as they operate using core practices while constantly improving them. Thanks to their ability to hold large amounts of products, you can benefit from shipping in large product quantities, which allows you to more effectively disperse transportation costs.

Another benefit of product storage facilities is that if there is an increase in demand for products, the warehouse is already stocked to provide. This allows your marketing organization to quickly meet the needs of customers with quick deliveries. Since 3PL teams are dedicated and focused on your business’s warehouse operations, you will get hands-on service and support, solid inventory management services, and creative custom solutions thanks to their years in the industry. If you want flexibility and consistency in inventory routing, quick and accurate order processing, and quality solutions at affordable rates, hiring a product storage facility company may be the right solution for you.

Additional benefits include the following:

  • Inbound and Outbound Logistics Services
  • Personal Relationships in Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Reliability and Responsiveness
  • Web Store Management
  • Kit Packing Services

Expand Your Retail Business with Cannon Hill Logistics

For product storage and shipping in Maryland, Cannon Hill Logistics has you covered. We specialize in outsourced wholesale and retail product distribution, fulfillment, and logistic services based out of Frederick, MD. Our 30 years of experience has been dedicated towards giving the tools and personalized services that any new or existing company needs to streamline distribution and boost market share. Our fulfillment center is 45 miles from the Port of Baltimore and 40 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, so inbound freight moves to us quickly and inexpensively. We can ship to half of the USA population within two business days using ground transportation. Feel free to contact us at 1-(800) 822-4747for further information.

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