Wholesale Distribution on the East Coast, USA

Trusted Wholesale Distribution on the East Coast

As a manufacturer, you need a wholesale distributor you can rely on to get your products into the hands of retailers. Making sure your items get to stores safely and on time is incredibly important to the health of your business.

You can’t trust your stock to some fly-by-night trucking company — you need a trusted, tested logistics company that understands the unique challenges of wholesaling.

For 30 years, Cannon Hill Logistics has been a dependable wholesale distributor, providing third-party logistics services to businesses all over the world. We take our job as the bridge between manufacturers and retailers seriously, and you can count on us to work hard to help you build your business.

Why Choose a 3PL for Your Wholesale Distribution Needs?

Third-party logistics companies manage shipping and stock for multiple businesses, allowing you to save money on warehousing space, energy, shipping costs, and labor. Put that money back into the essential activities of your business, including building retailer relationships and developing additional product lines.

Our inventory management system keeps track of every single product that enters and leaves our facility, allowing you to effectively track what is selling well and what is not. Whether you want a solution for a large volume of products or a small amount, Cannon Hill Logistics has a custom-designed 3PL option for you.

The Advantages of Professional Wholesale Distribution Warehousing

Professional wholesale distribution warehousing can be an integral part of the wholesale distribution process and has numerous benefits. For example, it provides a stable supply of products by managing bulk quantities of inventory efficiently. This stability in supply chain management is achieved through advanced inventory management software and technology that allows for real-time tracking of stock levels — helping to mitigate any potential disruptions. 

Larger wholesale distributors also use these warehouses to store raw materials and finished goods, ensuring they have a constant supply to meet consumer demand. Wholesale distribution warehousing also plays a crucial role in connecting manufacturers with their various distribution channels, such as online retail outlets, retail stores, and other business partners. By efficiently handling the storage and transportation of goods, these warehouses enable wholesale distribution companies to provide quality customer service, facilitating timely and accurate deliveries.

What Is the Difference Between Distribution Services and Wholesale Distribution Services?

Wholesale distribution services and distribution services, while often used interchangeably, have different scopes within the supply chain. Wholesale distribution refers to the process where wholesale distributors buy products in bulk quantities from manufacturers and sell them to retailers at a wholesale price. These wholesale businesses act as an intermediary in the distribution channel, reducing the need for manufacturers and retailers to deal with each other directly. As a result, retailers can focus on selling to their retail customers and pay lower prices due to the economies of scale inherent in the wholesale distribution business. 

On the other hand, distribution services broadly cover the entire chain of supply activities, from procuring raw materials to delivering finished products to the end consumers. These services may include transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and even selling directly to consumers in some cases. 

In short, while wholesale distribution work is focused on selling products in bulk to retailers and ensuring a stable supply, distribution services encompass a broader spectrum of activities in the supply chain. Specialized distributors, part of this wider category, may serve niche markets, understand specific market trends, and foster close relationships with manufacturers and business partners, enhancing the overall supply chain stability.

Unique Wholesale Distribution Solutions in Maryland

Located just 45 miles from the busy Port of Baltimore and 40 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Cannon Hill Logistics has provided third-party logistics services to businesses of all types and sizes for 30 years. Your products can reach over half the population of the United States within two business days with economical ground shipping, saving your business — and your customers — money. Contact us today to discuss designing an individualized solution to help your business thrive.