Custom Inventory Reports

Custom Inventory Reports

When your business first starts out, you might get away with not tracking your inventory. Or you might use an old-fashioned manual method to do so. But as your small business grows, the demands of your supply chain become more difficult to stay on top of. This is where digital, custom inventory reports come in handy.

This report provides a summary of the number of products ordered, bought, and sold. It helps to give a holistic view of the movement of money and products throughout your business. 

An inventory report allows you to easily identify the most vital statistics in your business. This includes the amount of stock you have, what needs to be reordered, which products are most popular, and overall inventory performance.

Maybe tracking numbers isn’t your specialty. If you’d rather focus on running your small business, a 3PL can help manage your inventory reports.

Inventory & Warehouse Management on the East Coast

Here at Cannon Hill Logistics, we use an advanced WMS, or Warehouse Management System. 

This software application keeps tabs on your inventory levels at all times. It also follows your sales and products shipped out for distribution. With this information, we create custom inventory reports that suit the unique needs of your business. 

We collect and analyze the data you need so that you can achieve the correct stock levels. The result is a fully informed business practice that is well-equipped for growth! 

With our inventory and warehouse management services, you can always have just the right amount of stock. Never miss sales due to underestimating demand, and never waste money on products that don’t sell. 

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