Annapolis Warehouse Management Services

Annapolis Warehouse Management Services

Your customers expect a certain level of service from your business. This requires that you keep enough inventory on hand to easily fulfill orders, but not so much that you’re losing money on unsold product and storage fees.

Striking the correct balance between too little inventory and too much can feel like a complicated guessing game – One wrong move and you’ve got a headache on your hands.

Traditional warehouse management systems required long-term tracking of inventory levels and complex projections and calculations. But who’s got time for all of that?

With warehouse management services from Cannon Hill Logistics near Annapolis, you’ve got years of inventory management experience backed by high-tech software to help make better predictions.

What Is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

A WMS is a type of software that tracks exactly how much inventory you have on hand at any given time.

Rather than keeping track of what’s coming and going from your warehouse in a spreadsheet or other clunky system, a WMS automatically updates your stock numbers. Trends in sales also are monitored, allowing you access to all kinds of information. For example, the system can tell you when a product is in high demand and what times of year are slower.

Know at the touch of a button how much of a product you have on hand, and when you need to order more. This gives you better control over your stocking levels, saving you time and money while helping you keep your customers happy.

How Can Our Annapolis Warehouse Management Services Help Your Business?

While a WMS is a powerful tool to creating a thriving, profitable business, it’s also expensive.

If your business needs the data management and inventory control that a WMS provides but can’t swing the price to take it on yourself, then our East Coast warehouse management services are for you.

At Cannon Hill Logistics, we spread out the cost of our WMS across all clients. This means you get all the great features and benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Our WMS displays detailed information on each product, including:

  • Receipts
  • Cost
  • Sales
  • Usage
  • Profit margins

Use this information to help understand when to order more products. Learn when to ramp up marketing on something that’s under-selling, or do away with an unsuccessful, costly product line altogether.

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In addition to all the benefits of our WMS, Cannon Hill Logistics provides a variety of logistics and product distribution services to help build your business, including:

  • Physical inventory counts
  • Quality control & inspection of received goods
  • Value-added services, such as packaging or labeling
  • Kitting
  • Returns processing
  • Promotional pricing or quantity discount pricing
  • Purchasing & inbound shipment tracking
  • Custom inventory reports

Since 1984, we’ve helped small- and medium-sized businesses take their service and profitability to the next level.

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Whether you need just one small piece of your supply chain managed or you desire a full-service third-party logistics agreement, our experienced team has the knowledge you need to elevate your business.

We pride ourselves on offering custom solutions to meet your individual business needs. Call us today to design the warehouse management solution to help your business thrive!