Just-in-Time Purchasing

Just-in-Time Purchasing Support on the East Coast

Do you ever find yourself with way too much product or raw materials for the space you have available? Orders aren’t flowing in like you anticipated they were and things are just sitting on your shelves.

Or, after a sudden uptick in business, you’re running into major shortages on the things you need to operate your business, leading to delays in response and delivery times.

In either scenario, you’re costing your business money, quickly eating into any and all profits you may be able to turn.

You’ve tried to carefully dial in your inventory, gathering and analyzing data on your business’s busy and slow seasons, what products are more popular, and when in the year certain products are ordered. But something still isn’t working; you’re losing money due to out-of-sync stocking levels.

You need just-in-time purchasing.


What Is Just-in-Time Purchasing?

Just-in-time purchasing is the method of carefully and closely aligning your stock with demand. Products arrive neither too early for orders placed nor too late; they show up just in time.

While just-in-time purchasing does require the careful sales and production forecasting you’re currently using in your business, employing it in your business gets all your suppliers in line with your sales schedule.


What Are the Benefits of Just-in-Time Purchasing?

Because you’re purchasing all your materials and products right when you need them, you decrease the need for extra warehousing space. This allows you to save money that you’d otherwise spend storing items in anticipation of a sale.

In addition, if you produce and sell products that have a shelf life, you’re reducing waste and decreasing costs that you’re spending creating products that are never sold.

Just-in-time purchasing also makes your business more nimble, as you can switch quickly from producing one good to another, rather than spending large amounts of time creating a whole run of a specific product when the demand is for a different item.


How Can Cannon Hill Logistics Help with Just-in-Time Purchasing?

As an experienced East Coast logistics and warehousing facility, Cannon Hill Logistics has spent years helping businesses grow and succeed by supporting their just-in-time purchasing efforts.

We have flexible warehousing space, allowing you to store your raw goods off-site and quickly receive them at your manufacturing facility when you need them. The space your business’s products occupies grows and shrinks based on your individual needs, so you’ll never pay for more space than you’re using.

Our skilled team swiftly and capably handles processing and shipping orders, so if you need certain quantities of a product with fast turnaround, we can have them to you quickly so your downtime is decreased and your customers are happier.

And if you need support and guidance figuring out your just-in-time purchasing system, we can help with that, too!

Cannon Hill Logistics offers solutions for all your business’s needs, big or small.

We work hard to create individualized plans that help businesses succeed. Call today for your customized quote!