Commissions Tracking

East Coast Commissions Tracking

Managing a small business involves a of moving parts. You need to keep track of what products are moving where, when returns are processed, how quickly things are shipping, and your stock levels. You love empowering your sales employees to get out there and sell products. However, you need a reliable way of tracking which person sold what.

With the help of the commissions tracking team at Cannon Hill Logistics, you can easily manage your employee commissions.

What Is Commissions Tracking?

When you have a group of people selling your product, whether through direct sales to customers or affiliate marketing, each of those people receives a commission based on the products they sell.

You have to then keep track of these commissions so you can pay your employees the correct amounts. This payment structure can be complicated, especially if you have a large number of professionals or affiliates. With specialized commissions tracking software, however, the process is easier.


Why Choose Cannon Hill for Commissions Tracking?

While specialized software makes commissions tracking much easier, this software also is out of budget for many small businesses.

Don’t break the bank to have that software, or limp along with complicated, clunky spreadsheets. Instead, let Cannon Hill Logistics help you with commissions tracking.

We have expensive software, so you’re not footing the entire bill. Not only that, but we’ve also spent the time and money to train our employees on the software’s use.

You benefit from our efforts by getting immediate access to the functional programs you need without the time and cost of training your workers. We pride ourselves on creating customized solutions to your individual business needs. Whether you just want help with commission tracking or you need someone to handle all the little aspects of getting your products to your customers, Cannon Hill Logistics can help!


About Cannon Hill Logistics

Since 1984, we at Cannon Hill Logistics have offered experienced, reliable logistics and warehousing solutions for businesses across the globe. We’re located near the busy Port of Baltimore and Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Products traveling from our warehouse can reach more than half the continental United States in three days.

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