Supply Chain Management on the East Coast

To ensure that your products get to your customers on time and undamaged, you need an expert supply chain management company on the East Coast. For more than 35 years, Cannon Hill Logistics has offered exceptional supply chain management services to small businesses all over the world.

Our ability to offer flexible product storage and shipping solutions means you only pay for the space you use, never more. This helps you save on costs, passing the savings on to your customers or putting profits back into developing new products. Our skilled team knows how to correctly store your items, minimizing the risk of damage while at our warehouse, and our sophisticated warehouse management software can correctly predict your stocking needs so you’re never over- or under-stocked.

We’ve had years of experience dealing with supply chain disruptions at all levels, and we can help guide you through these issues and overcome them with little interruption to your normal business operations.

Our location on the East Coast means we’re able to receive goods by air, land, or sea quickly, and it lets us ship goods out to customers all over the United States with economical ground shipping.

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