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If your business relies on grouping multiple products together to create a complete package, but struggle with maintaining efficiency and profitability, the kitting and assembly services at Cannon Hill Logistics are what you need.

Kitting Services in Maryland

Kitting services, or product bundling, is putting two or more separate products together to create one full product. For example, instead of selling coffee mugs and small bags of coffee separately, you package them together as a bundle to sell as one product.

Without the structure in place to handle bundling these products together, your business operation can become inefficient, costing you time and money.

At Cannon Hill Logistics, our team is fully equipped to handle all kitting requests – large and small – so you don’t have to. Whether you just want one new product created or multiple variations, we can meet your needs and stay within budget.

Assembly Services in Maryland

Assembly means grouping together individual elements to create a larger sellable item. The products may be created and carried by your company, or sourced from other companies.

Examples of products that frequently use assembly services include:

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As with kitting, handling assembly on your own requires a lot of overhead. You have to have enough space to store all the individual components and the completed products, staffing to package the products together, and resources to ship the finished products to their destinations.

Because we are a warehouse and logistics service with established storage space and experienced employees, Cannon Hill Logistics can assemble bundled products of any size quickly and efficiently, getting the finished product into customers’ hands faster and at less cost to you.

Your #1 Choice for Product Distribution on the East Coast

Since 1984, Cannon Hill Logistics has offered exceptional, affordable warehousing and product distribution services. Our convenient East Coast location – near the busy Port of Baltimore and Baltimore-Washington International Airport – allows us easy access to incoming shipments. With economical ground shipping, your products can reach half the United States population within three days of leaving our facility. Call today for your individualized logistics quote!

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