E-Commerce Order Fulfillment near Baltimore, MD

At Cannon Hill Logistics, we offer e-commerce order fulfillment in Baltimore, Maryland. Our services are guaranteed to make your business run more smoothly. In fact, we allow your business to benefit from access to flexible solutions, increased customers, lower shipping rates, and more! To partner with Cannon Hill Logistics for better management of all of your business’s warehouse operations, call today.

What Are e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Services?

Have you ever wondered how other businesses manage to run their warehouses so smoothly? Chances are, they utilize order fulfillment services. 

With order fulfillment from Cannon Hill Logistics, we manage all aspects of your warehouse including shipping, receiving, inventory management, and even more.

Not only do you get to ease your anxieties knowing your warehouse is running smoothly in our hands, but you can dedicate more time to other areas of your business instead. Without worrying about your warehouse, you can further develop things like product design, marketing, customer acquisition, and more. 

What Is the Process of e-Commerce Order Fulfillment in Baltimore, MD?

When you partner with Cannon Hill Logistics for e-commerce fulfillment, we perform the following services:

  • Picking, packing, and shipping orders
  • Distributing parcels and pallets
  • Replenishing stock
  • Managing returns
  • Trans-loading and cross-docking
  • Wrapping pallets
  • Breaking bulk
  • Managing the warehouse and inventory

All of your major warehouse activities and functions are taken care of through our service package so you can grow your business without fretting about your warehouse. 

The Benefits of e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Services

Managing your business alone can be difficult, and as it grows, the task becomes even more daunting. By partnering with our company for e-commerce fulfillment, you receive countless benefits and are a business supporter. Partnership with our company will give you many benefits, such as: 

Flexible Solutions

Things fluctuate in the business realm and your business needs to roll with the punches easily.  E-commerce fulfillment helps it do just that. 

As the seasons change, your warehouse needs do, too. Normally, this means hiring and training temporary employees to compensate for the changes costing your company time and money. With our help, you can avoid this. 

As long as your product is in the warehouse, we will handle the rest for you. 

Fast Shipping

Our order turn-around is fast. We ship out products daily, guaranteeing your business continues to run smoothly. 

Couriers at Discounted Rates

Why should big businesses get all the benefits? Well, we don’t think they should. In fact, with our fulfillment services, we give medium and small businesses access to the same affordable rates big businesses receive, all through a user-friendly system!

Save Time and Money

Our skilled operations managers expertly handle your warehouse operations which allows you to grow other aspects of your business and rake in more money!

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Service near Baltimore, MD

Our company is based out of Frederick, Maryland, a short drive from Baltimore. We specialize in outsourced wholesale and retail product distribution, fulfillment, and also logistic services. For 30 years we have helped countless companies streamline distribution and boost their market share. 

We strategically built our fulfillment center in the perfect location. This is because we are 45 miles from the Port of Baltimore and 40 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport. We receive inbound freight quickly we are and, in fact, we are able to ship to half of the U.S. in only two business days. 


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