Subscription Box Preparation Services

Groceries, cosmetics, clothing, and more have all been utilized in subscription boxes. Many consumers find it exciting to receive a surprise box on a regular basis, allowing them to try new products. 

Having a product fulfillment company that can manage these monthly demands and make sure that the right products are delivered to the right person is key in creating a successful subscription box for your business. 

That’s why Cannon Hill Logistics is proud to offer subscription box preparation in addition to our product fulfillment services. 

Identify Products for a Subscription Box

The first step in adding a subscription box to your business is identifying what products will be a part of your subscription box. 

Some companies opt to change their products, while others deliver the same product each time the box is shipped. Knowing what products will be part of your box is key to identifying what products need to be in stock in the warehouse and delivered to customers. 

Choose a Delivery Interval

When creating a subscription box, your business must identify how often the box will be delivered. 

Some companies send out boxes monthly, whereas others send them out seasonally. Depending on your products, different delivery times may be more beneficial. 

Product Fulfillment Services

Once your business has identified what your subscription box will contain and when it will be shipped out, Cannon Hill Logistics’ product fulfillment services takes care of the rest. 

Our company makes sure your products get delivered to the right customers at the right time. We ensure that the products you wish to include in your box will be available for shipment when needed. 

Benefits of Subscription-Based Fulfillment

Your business and customers will both benefit from a subscription box option in many ways. 

Convenience for Both Parties

Since customers receive a regular delivery, they do not have to re-order products as needed and they also receive fewer boxes for combined products. It’s low-effort. 

As for your business, you can plan on a steady flow of income for your subscription boxes since the customer will be charged consistently for the product. 

Predictable Revenue

Businesses that focus on subscriptions offer flat rates, which gives them a budget for products to include and customers an amount to budget for each subscription. 

If your subscriber amount stays the same, your revenue becomes predictable. As you increase customers, your revenue increases in a measurable way. 

Customer Loyalty

Subscription boxes help instill customer loyalty. 

When the box you provide gives your customers a set product they enjoy, they do not go elsewhere for business. When your deliveries occur on time and your product is consistently what the customer wants, you improve their satisfaction and keep your customers loyal. 

Manageable Stock

Stock control can make or break a business. By having a routine system with subscription-based fulfillment, your company can predict the volume of orders that need to be received and shipped within a given period. 

This helps keep a predictable stock need for your company. 

Subscription-Based Fulfillment on the East Coast, USA

For all subscription-based fulfillment on the East Coast, Cannon Hill Logistics has you covered. We provide outsourced wholesale and retail product distribution, fulfillment, and logistic services. Our company has operated for more than 30 years, dedicating our time to giving tools and personalized services to companies needing to streamline distribution and boost market share. 

Our fulfillment center is 45 miles from the Port of Baltimore and 40 miles from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, so inbound freight moves to us quickly and inexpensively. We can ship to half of the United States population within two business days using ground transportation. For more information, contact us today.