Custom Bundling

You want to earn more revenue for your business and expand the use of some of your less frequently purchased items.

To do this, you need to implement custom bundling in your business plan.

And, at Cannon Hill Logistics, we can make the whole process easier on you by taking care of the bundling right here at our warehouse, saving you time and effort.

What Is Custom Bundling?

Custom bundling, also called product bundling, is the process of creating a curated collection of complementary products to help you capture both casual browsers and eager-to-buy shoppers.

Depending on your sales goals, you may decide to undertake custom bundling to either upsell or cross-sell customers.


  • Upsells require persuading a customer to upgrade. This means promoting a better, more expensive version of a product a customer is considering purchasing.
  • Cross-sells involve promoting products that are adjacent to other products in a similar group. 


Some products are packaged in a way unique to the individual bundle, such as in a gift box or in special wrapping. 

There are two types of product bundles:


  • Pure bundles: These bundles contain items sold exclusively in that bundle. An example of a pure bundle is a hair dryer that’s packaged with all its accompanying attachments. These items aren’t available to purchase individually, only as a set.
  • Mixed bundles: These bundles contain items that are also sold separately. An example of a mixed bundle is a makeup set that includes lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow that also are available for purchase as their own individual products.


Advantages of Custom Bundling

There are a variety of advantages to adding product bundling to your offerings, including:

Increased Sales

Custom bundling allows you to increase overall sales by offering enticing bundles to customers, especially those looking for gifts. Additionally, product bundles can help increase your average order values by encouraging customers to buy more items than they may have initially intended to purchase.

Pricing Opacity

Bundling can be used to provide discounts, but it also can build upsells into a package and blurs the focus around the price of each individual item. This can help reduce friction in the shopping experience by reducing customer effort and decreasing the pressure around whether an item is “necessary.” 

Decrease Surplus Inventory

Some products just don’t want to sell on their own. Grouping them in with more desirable items can help you move that surplus inventory, making room for other items.

Increase Product Awareness

Customers are more likely to try a new product if they received it “free” or in conjunction with a product they already planned to purchase. This increases awareness of your products and builds customer loyalty.

Why Choose Custom Bundling Services?

Custom bundling is a great strategy for your business, but it doesn’t come without a significant commitment of time and manpower. 

Creating all the bundles, regardless of whether or not they receive special packaging, may be more than you’re equipped to handle. That’s where Cannon Hill Logistics comes in.

We offer flexible warehousing and logistics services, allowing you to utilize our staff, space, and time to reap the benefits for your business. Whether you need one type of custom bundle created or 100, we’ve got the capability to help you reach your business goals.

Our facility is conveniently located near the Port of Baltimore and a short distance from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, giving us easy access to supply chains and economical ground shipping. Call today to discuss your needs!