Fulfillment Metrics – Facts About Our Service


Something To Be Proud Of!!


The success of our fulfillment services is measured largely in increased sales, decreased costs, and overall satisfaction of our clients. 

For one of our clients, we calculated the following metrics for 2015:

  • Total orders fulfilled: 18,118
  • Total sales value: $5,222,449
  • Total individual SKUs in our warehouse: 7,238
  • Total returns: 0.56%
  • Total customer error returns (Incorrect apparel sizing, ordered wrong item, etc.): 0.34%
  • Total warehouse error returns: 0.22%
  • 99% of phone calls answered within 3 rings or fewer, by a real person
  • On-time orders: 98% (Late orders are because of out-of-stock situations beyond our control)
  • Order accuracy: 99.7%

We are always happy to see how our hard work helps make our clients successful!

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