Client Spotlight: Banner’s Hallmark


Banner's Hallmark Partnership with Distribution Center in Maryland

At Cannon Hill Logistics, we are thrilled to support a family-owned company that brings joy to its customers: Banner’s Hallmark, based in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

About Banner’s Hallmark

Founded in the early 1970s as a card, gift, and stationery store, Banner’s Hallmark has grown to include 31 locations as a Hallmark Gold Crown Chain. Banner’s chains cover Maryland and northern Virginia, and they have plans to further expand in these areas.

They offer a wide range of nationally known brands, including Ty, Precious Moments, Ganz, Yankee Candle, and, of course, Hallmark.

Visit any one of Banner’s locations and you are sure to find the perfect card or gift for any special occasion: birthday, Christmas, graduation, wedding, just because. Find everything from candy to clothing, collectibles to home decor, all under one roof.

Banner’s President and CEO, Leonard Banner, has served as a past member of the Hallmark Gold Crown Advisory Board. Banner stores have been presented numerous awards, including the Hallmark Gold Crown Retail Excellence Award.

At Banner, they are committed to maintaining their core values and fostering rich relationship with their customers, communities, Hallmark, and individual stores. To do this, all Banner employees adhere to the following core values:

  • First and foremost, respect, value, and serve the customer.
  • Embody excellence and pride in all we do.
  • Recognize and respect individual creativity, initiative, and ability.
  • Conduct ourselves ethically and morally at all times.

It is because of these core values, as well as the pride and dedication Banner’s employees have in providing the best possible customer service, that Cannon Hill is proud to assist them in their business endeavors by warehousing the company’s overstock. We receive merchandise from Banner’s vendors, repackaging and preparing it to ship out to Banner’s 31 locations.

Saving Time, Money, and Resources with Cannon Hill Logistics

Cannon Hill is proud to support Banner’s Hallmark in their business endeavors. We receive bulk shipments from vendors, verify counts, and hold in storage. We then pick and pack orders for each Hallmark store as needed, optimizing delivery efficiency. Finally, we organize and store seasonal overstock and fixtures.

Moving these functions to Cannon Hill Logistics allowed Banner’s Hallmark to reduce their storage requirements by half, eliminate a delivery truck, and significantly reduce labor expenses.

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