4 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your E-Commerce Store Fulfillment


E-commerce has become a booming business model in recent years. With more people staying home since the pandemic, the digital marketplace has become even more integral to the way we shop. 

While increased interest in e-commerce might be great for your growing business, it can also be difficult to manage. If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the complicated demands of orders, shipping, returns, and everything in between, it might be time to consider a third party logistics provider, or a 3PL.

Here are 4 signs it’s time to outsource your e-commerce store fulfillment services:

Customers Are Unhappy

As a business owner, you know that unhappy customers are a huge red flag that some part of the operation is not running as it should. 

If you’re receiving complaints or poor reviews due to long and unpredictable shipping times, you might want to consider outsourcing fulfillment. The 3PL can more effectively handle shipping, and tracking returns as well.

Your Tech Can’t Keep up

Technology is at the core of e-commerce. Beyond the wifi it takes to receive orders, your business also needs adequate scanners, terminals, machinery, tracking software, and heavy-lifting equipment. That’s a lot of tech that needs to be purchased and maintained!

New tech is expensive, and it might feel that all your funds are being spent on something tangential to your main goals. On the other hand, a 3PL is designed around all this necessary technology, and therefore they can maintain the cost of it more sustainably. 

You’re Low on Space

You might start to notice your inventory is taking up more and more of your physical space. Maybe you have considered an off-site warehouse, but this expensive option is only a short-term solution for the growing demand in your products.

A 3PL will help save you time and money by managing and storing your inventory for you. Make the switch and see how much floorspace you were missing under pallets of boxes!

It’s Taking up Too Much of Your Time

Your time is valuable. If you’re spending most of your working hours managing (and stressing out about) fulfillment services, you’re not using your time most effectively. 

Outsourcing your fulfillment services will free you up to focus on the more important parts of running your e-commerce store. Get back to the reasons you started the business in the first place!

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