3 Challenges to Health & Beauty Logistics


The health and beauty industry has grown explosively in the last few decades, but that growth has not come without its challenges.

Beyond facing strict compliance and regulatory requirements from governmental bodies, there are some key things that complicate the logistics process. Here are a few of the unique challenges that health and beauty companies face, and how third-party logistics (3PL) companies can help.

Temperature Control

Many formulations in cosmetics and wellness products are temperature-sensitive, so they must be transported in carefully controlled conditions. 

In some cases, substances can withstand a range of temperatures without risking damage or spoilage. Others, however, require a very strict temperature range in order to stay good enough to be sold and used. 

When managing your own logistics, finding temperature-controlled warehouse space and transportation can be difficult—and expensive. By working with a 3PL, you get access to these resources at a fraction of the cost of securing them on your own.


Consumers want to know where the ingredients in their health and beauty products come from. This includes you being able to pinpoint which companies and vendors are involved in each step of the fulfillment process, from ingredients all the way through delivery.

Finding out all the information you need can be incredibly time-consuming, taking your time and attention away from the important parts of running your business. When you work with a 3PL, on the other hand, you gain access to information you need to trace all your products without doing any of the leg work.

Condition Monitoring

Similar to temperature control needs, monitoring all the conditions that may impact your products is essential to ensuring you can sell them all. This may require specialized equipment and specialty shipping, which can get expensive.

If you partner with a 3PL, though, you’ll be able to have all the specialized equipment and other things needed to protect your products without the hassle and extra costs. Since your 3PL works with multiple small businesses, they’re able to spread out the costs of the equipment to all their clients, so you get access to more for less cost.

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