Warehouse & Inventory Management

Gone are the days of consulting your Magic 8 Ball on how much product to order for the coming season. Using our advanced warehouse management system (WMS) we can help you maintain a level of inventory that provides enough stock to fill orders without overstocking and raising your inventory carrying cost.

Our WMS displays detailed activity for each individual product, and can track receipts, costs, sales, usage, profit margins, and much more. Bottom line? You need to have just enough inventory, just in time, to meet the needs of your customers. Through detailed reports and analysis, Cannon Hill can help you achieve the correct stock levels to effectively grow your business.

Inventory / Warehouse Services include:

  • Physical inventory counts
  • Quality control and inspection of received goods
  • Value added services such as additional packaging or labeling
  • Kitting
  • Returns processing
  • Promotional pricing, quantity discount pricing, etc.
  • Purchasing and inbound shipment tracking
  • Custom Inventory reports

Supply Chain Management 
Effectively managing your supply of goods requires attention to a large number of factors. These include the cost of the goods, delivery time, shipping costs, the cost of carrying the stock in the warehouse etc. Let us help you achieve the ideal stock levels for your goods.

A Large Investment 
Purchasing a reliable warehouse management system can run upwards of $100,000, not counting training and support. Using our services allows you access to a WMS to track your inventory at a tiny fraction of the cost.