Returns Processing

Efficient Returns Processing for Better Business on the East Coast


Your business’s bottom line depends greatly on the amount of products you move off the shelves and into the hands of customers – and how many of those products come back as returns.

No matter how much care you take with the order processing, picking and packing, and shipping processes, some portion of all the products you sell are going to be returned by customers. Whether they purchased the wrong size or color, decided they didn’t want the item, or had buyers’ remorse, returns are an unavoidable fact of doing business.

Processing returns doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive thanks to the skilled logistics team at Cannon Hill Logistics.


How the Returns Process Works

We help you head off returns before they even start with our finely-tuned warehousing and logistics system. From the moment your products arrive at our facility, we keep careful track of what we have in stock and where everything is located.

Once a customer purchases your products, we carefully pick and pack each item, checking and rechecking the order to make sure all pieces are correct. We then ship each order in the most economical, expedient method possible, cross-checking the address to ensure accuracy.

If returns are made, we quickly process the items and get them back on the shelves for resale, sending out any exchanged items right away.


Why Choose Returns Processing Services?

Because we maintain a large staff, we are able to deal with returns and exchanges quickly while also spreading out the cost of staffing among our clients. You’ll pay us less for returns processing than you would spend to do them yourself.


Experienced, Dependable Returns Processing in Maryland

Let the team at Cannon Hill Logistics take one more business stress off your plate. We handle all the returns and exchanges quickly, correctly, and at lower cost to you. Call today at 1-800-822-4747 or contact us online for a quote!